Easiest Way To Create Stunning Resume Website With 1 Click That Gets You Hired

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Note: this article first appeared on a different blog. Be sure to read to the end to find out more about the original author.

Do you think the resume website is better than a doc file? If so then you are running on the latest trends. In the paper version, you can not put up the real skill of yours in a way you want to. The text becomes the main obstacle sometimes. But to build a CV or Resume website you can display your work creatively on the portfolio, highlight skills or about you entirely on it. It’s easy to modify wherever you are going.

It seems like now you are worried about how you can do that without having any coding knowledge, right? Then your absolute solution is just beside you, and its Elementor. You can easily create your resume website using Elementor just with some simple clicks.

resume website elementor

Why Create a Resume Website? All Benefits!

In a CV or Resume website, you can add media, downloadable files or link up to your social site and so on. Where a traditional paper has limitations with text. You can not visualize your work with proper images or links. This creates a barrier to communication with limited facilities. But on a website, you can easily showcase your hard works. It will help you to attract your employer at first glance and increase your rate of getting hired.

Suppose you have your own resume website, then whenever you want you will have the full control of editing. In a traditional paper resume, once you send your CV you are done with it. You can not change, add or modify something if you want to. But the resume website has its own facility to do so.

Again, you can showcase your work, skill, personal information or references in a unique way. It has the power to get the attention of the employer. How organizing and creative you are can easily be judged by this. Hiring people can get to know about your creativity and tech-savvy ability on spot.

Everyone tries to do something unique and meaningful to get hired. Creating own resume website is one of the effective ways to get your desired job.

How To Create a Resume Website Using Elementor?

If you already an Elementor user,  you will know how easy it is to select a CV or Resume template and create the website. But if you are new, then you are going to have real fun to create your own resume website just with few clicks. without any other further discussion, let’s jump into the topic!

At first, you just need to select your desired CV/Resume template form the Elementor template library. After selecting that, you can create your own website just filling up with your desired content in the readymade blocks.

resume website elementor

In this template, you can insert different content with proper contact information, profile image, career objective, experience, education, skills or references in separate blocks. You can easily drag and drop your site blocks to make a proper design for your resume website to attract the employer.

resume website elementor

But, if you want to showcase your website more, then you can use Essential Addons for Elementor elements to explore the website look.

Enhance Website Outlook Using Essential Addons for Elementor

Now can enhance your resume website outlook by displaying your work on a different section of the template or creating a separate portfolio page. Both you can do that by using the Elementor template and ultimate library EA elements. Suppose you want to make a separate section to display your work images in the gallery. You can add that new block from the template easily by using EA Filterable Gallery.

resume website elementor

This specific gallery element can view all your images or video, also display your high resolution works in a beautiful and organized way. You can categorize your work in it and display in a separate block. Also, with special effects and style.  But if you want to create a portfolio page on your resume website, then you can read the linked blog.

Wrapping Up

With the Elementor template, life gets very simple to create any website just within clicks. If you are searching for the job and finding a proper solution to create your resume website without any code, then this is the best solution you can ever have.

So, let’s try Elementor template and it’s ultimate solution EA Elements! Also, leave a comment below by sharing your experience.

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